Top 8 reasons that made me to Join IT

I don’t like to sleep, oh shit… was i allowed ever.
I had enjoyed my life enough, i decided to give IT a chance.
I couldn’t live without tension, where can you find a best place in earth with illogical deadlines and mental stress.
I wanted to pay for my sins, what you sow, sow you reap. i know god gave me punishment.
I believed in the Bhagwad Geeta principle : Do work,Don’t care about results. Lord Krishna had a great vision on IT industry.
Everything in life has a reason; I wanted to prove it wrong.
I wanted to take revenge on myself.

Today when i was sitting my desk, i roolled back my career on how it was and the result is the output printed here. The IT industry in india seems to be a broken hazard trying to fix up the ends which has no points.

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