The God’s gift to mankind

One of my closest to my life asked why blog was not filled with a person whose was a mirror of how god would look alike. I had no words for some time, may be i could not put down what i feel about him in words. He is none other the living god in million of hearts – Abdul Kalam sir.

There was an occasion where he after becoming the president of india was asked to invite two people as Presidential Guests to raj bhavan in kerala and to everyone’s surprise he invited A road side cobbler and a owner of a very small hotel. Can you imagine any other politician or a celebrity inviting a cobbler and a small business owner as their most prestigious guests? This smallest incident in his life shows the glory of the character which reflects and shines.

There were times when we visited him, the college hall filled up in no time and many people would love to see him and interact with him in eager… he would never miss the back-benchers and personally would come up till the end so that everyone could interact with him. Such was his simplicity 🙂

  • Once, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam rejected the suggestion to put broken glass on the wall of a building that needed protection. Why? Because broken glass would be harmful for birds!

    This happened when Dr. Kalam was with the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) and his team was discussing options to secure the perimeter of a building that needed protection. Dr. Kalam reportedly said: “If we do that, birds will not be able to perch on the wall.”

  • If there is a stage with a very famous industrialist, a middle-class man & a guy from the most remote village of India. He will still treat all of the 3 equally with respect.
  • Whatever age one would be, he still called the person Sir / Madam. I have witnessed this in so many programs in live as well as on TV.
  • He loved Nature so much. He said “Its beautiful to Study in a park with lot of blossoming flowers than studying in a closed environment”
  • He said “My source of inspiration started when my school teacher Sivasubramaniya Iyer was teaching me how the aeroplane designs were built from birds nature”
  • The only President to reply to the mails sent to him. Fortunately the only property he brought back after his tenure of President was hisLaptop.
  • He loved 100% Vegetarian diets and loves playing veena.
  • President Kalam has given up all his life savings and salaries to a trust he founded named PURA (Providing Urban Amenities to Rural Areas).

I would like to end this article with his touching quote on existence of god…

God, our Creator, has stored within our minds and personalities, great potential strength and ability. Prayer helps us tap and develop these powers.

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