What do we learn from the great karna?

What do we learn from the great karna?

Abandoned at birth by Kunti, raised by a charioteer, Karna turns out to be a great archer, challenging the supremacy of Arjuna.

More than Krishna, its Karna whose name jowled into gospels when talked about Mahabharata. Karna is an exceptional character in Mahabharata. Due to unavoidable circumstances, he grew up as a charioteers son yet proud and never ashamed of his identity. Karna was a great Karma yogi. He lived a great life in which every action teaches a great message.

Karna is exceptionally talented fellow, he is loyal and well built, intelligent and handsome (all the qualities Draupadi demanded from Shiva).

KARNA-The Story of a Tragic Hero-4Folklore states that Krishna had sent the perfect husband for her (Karna) – one who would love and protect her all her life and be faithful to her. Draupadi insulted Karna in her “swayamwar sabha” calling him a “soot putra” which resulted, she ended up marrying a man who shared her with his brothers and failed to protect her when she needed him the most.

Karna had to undergo a lot of problems throughout his life but he faced them cheerfully. Karna never got what he deserved through out his life, neither the respect, nor the legacy or love. Politics was played on him time and time again but he always stood his ground. For us it may appear those incidents affected him but in reality Karna was a stable person who walked through all problems with a great self-confidence and determination without discouraged or affected by them. He turned every stopping stone as his stepping stone.

His courageous spirit led him to achieve impossible odds, he was no less than other Pandavas when it came to virtues and valor. Krishna and Bheesma concede that karna is a noble spirit which rarely appears in the human race.

Karna symbolizes for the word friendship. Despite all odds, he is a loyal friend. He knows Duryodhana is wrong but he still takes his side and not his brothers. This is because it is Duryodhana who has given him identity in the society and he is indevt of his wicked friend for life. He promises Kunti that he will not kill any Pandava except Arjuna. Karna knows that kauravas will lose but he fights to repay Duryodhana’s debt.

From the reference Sacred texts of Mahabharata, it proves that On many occasions, he was provoked to switch sides. Krishna asked Karna to abandon Duryodhana and join his brothers (Pandavas). Krishina offered before him the entire kingdom and even Drawpathi. But Karna still did not want to abandon his friend who never abandoned him. He said – I cannot leave my friend at a time when he needs me the most.

As Karna lay dying on the battlefield, his father Surya and Arjuna’s father Indra fell into a debate as to who among their son’s was superior. Indra was convinced that Arjuna was the better while Surya said otherwise, stressing on Karna’s charitable attitude. Both of them decided to test Karna’s generosity and appeared before him as Brahmins asking for alms. Karna said that at this point he had nothing to give them while one of the Brahmins remark that he has some gold in his teeth which could be of use to them. Karna on realizing this promptly takes a stone and breaks his teeth handing them over to the Brahmins and thus proving his superiority.

In other versions of the epic, the Brahmin is said to be Krishna who asks for Karna’s punya or merit and when Karna does so he is rewarded by sighting of Krishna’s Vishwaroopa. A play is staged in South India known as Kattaikkuttu which is based on the events that occurred in Karna’s life on the day of his death.

Inference: A friend in need is a friend indeed. In Life, you may not get what you deserve but nevertheless, you got to dedicate your life for something. Dedicate everything, every single thing you have and the world will remember you forever.

Arjun was able to kill Karna only when Karna was lifting the chariot but not before that. Karna in all his life time wanted to prove that even the low/middle class people can have equal talents like upper status persons. He fought for it and proved it. His fame will be here forever until this world exists.

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  1. From son of God sun karan (Mahabharata) we learn to be loyal and a human HEArt should always be kind for beggars .. immortal in our promises .. and to be assertive no matter what the world says.. To get knowledge who ever we are…

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