The last superstar

The last superstar

“Today’s stars are commodities stocked in a chain of supermarkets. They can never be superstars.”


We all like Rajinikanth more because he’s one of us — richer and more known, yes, and yet like us in the ways that matter. We all agonise with ourselves in our daily lives, and maybe it is a matter of reassurance that even without a six-pack, even without a head full of hair, even with the slightest of sagging jowls, someone somewhere can slay the beast and bring home the beauty.

When I watch the new hero-oriented films, they have special effects and wirework and crazy camerawork, and frankly, these heroes NEED all that! Rajini didn’t need all that stuff to be magnetic on-screen. Just a twirl of a cigarette or a sharp look. Thalivar, in comparison, has remained Thalivar. It’s the reason why we don’t need Hollywood superheroes like Superman or Batman or Spider Man.

The only actor, whose movie tickets sell like hot cakes on the first day is Rajinikanth. It will be no exaggeration to declare that Rajinikath is the most loved film star on this planet. He has been in the industry for 30 years –and he is getting more love with every passing day. Every movie of his would have a punch line–the audience knew it. Finally when the invariable happened , they would cry WOW! — and that would be the talk of the town for the next 3 months.

“Andavan solran, Arunachalam seiran.” – “God decrees, Arunachalam delivers.”

The audience slips from the edge of their seats and jumps on their feet. He does not carry his screen image in real life and he acts his 62 years age–sans ego . People love humble and generous celebrities.

Once to spite him, his neighbour ex-actress Jayalalitha’s ( Chief Minister ) minion watchdog police stopped his car in a huge crowd , ( waiting to see her ) till she passed through. It was to impress upon Rajni , the immense popularity of Jayalalitha . Rajni was tired after a shooting shift and wanted to get home, so he got out of the car and started walking towards his home at Poes gardens. The entire cheering crowd followed him, and it turned out to be a case where the spit fell on the own face. There can be no retribution as severe as this.


Rajinikanth himself may be never know how and why he became a superstar. There were lot of stars who were looking better, in performance, in dance and clothes choices. He was a villain for a period of time always the bad guy. There was such anexcitement when he walked across screen. It felt alive. We often say that an actor has charisma, and we often struggle to describe what it is, what singular aspect constitutes this charisma, but with Rajinikanth you could point to Moondru Mudichu or Avargal or Jonny or Mullum Malarum and say, “That is charisma.”

Science has taught us that two negatives make a positive, and it appears, in Rajinikanth’s case, that all those negatives combined into an electrifying positive. You cannot plan this. It just happens.


He deserves all the name and fame. He got big ad deals worth 2crores in 1980s for a whisky. He strongly rejected it thinking most of his fans would start drinking. The kind of mass he has any product he endorses would be a sure shot hit and business deal. He did not want to false endorse any. That’s why he doesn’t do any. He could have made lot of money but he didn’t. The only thing he did was for Polio campaign. That year it had a record number of people coming for it. Chennai had never seen such huge response for polio. North people started liking him for jokes later they got to know about his character and simplistic image and became fans started watching his movies. For that sake I feel the jokes did good thing to him. What is that Rajinikanth has which others don’t? We see all those big bollywood actors everywhere. TV, newspapers, Ads, Banners, Posters everywhere you look around. People will be bored of him. Hence they don’t have much craze. That’s not the case with Rajinikanth. And he doesn’t need to market any of his films his fans will do it for him.


Last but not least No other superstar will be as simplistic as him and dare to come out without any make up 🙂

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