Dead man walking – Ricky Ponting

I think the title gives a brief idea on whom i going to jowl, its none other the famous(so called) aussie captain Ricky ponting. I think every one would be watching the Ashes on how Aussies are getting hammered against the poms.

With a fifth defeat in the last seven Tests looming Ricky Ponting is getting desperate and is suffering from just the same pressure that he hoped would derail England in this series. One number is worth remembering: so far, in fifteen innings on this tour, EnglandĀ“s bowlers have conceded more than 309 runs just once (that was in the 1st Test): the lead is already well past that and the pitch is showing signs of uneven bounce and some life. It is doubtful that even scoring 500 in the second innings Australia could save this match now and, so far, they have not managed that in the series even when not under pressure.

There are two things evident from this series.

1) UDRS does not solve any problems and if it does then it creates new problems as well;

2) Ponting should hang his boots after this series is over. I really could not understand Australia’s obsession with keeping Pontin

Ponting is living in denial. the Team composition is flawed.No where in the world people will accept Shane Watson as an opener, in-spite of the recent successful run he has enjoyed.Phil Hughes is still raw and needs more Sheffield exposure.Ricky is more bent on saving his trusted lieutenants career at the cost of his own. Australlia need to look at klinger, cos grove, Rogers as a stop gap arrangement.

Can’t understand why Stephen Smith is No 6 Batsman of Australia. If they need a fifth bowler why haven’t they picked up a specialist spinner. Never seen such a stupid decision from Australian Selectors before.

I love seeing the aussies getting worked over. No questions about that. If I remember right, wasnt Ricky the guy who wanted the fielders word to be taken as gospel in doubtful situations. I wonder why he started his lil tirade when all the technology proved the catch wasnt a catch at all.

I am disgusted at Ponting’s behavior today. What this shows the next generation of kids taking up the game is that its ok to argue the toss with officials. As “voluntary”level 2 umpire in another sport, i can only hope that the ICC throws the book at Ponting and gives him a holiday from the sport.

when i was thinking ponting is about to loose ashes, his captaincy & his place in the playing 11, he himself is adding his integrity to his loosing streak… he is the same guy who kept on saying that the fielder’s say should be the final say for a clean catch & not that of an umpire’s or whoever’s. here is the same guy who is not at all interested in accepting the umpire’s or the 3rd umpire’s who infact watches the replay again and again closely on a tv. i don’t know why people still call him the best captain… may be successful, but that happened because of the players & definitely not his captaincy.

It is time for the history to repeat itself after about forty years. Bill Lawry was sacked before the end of ASHES series. Ian Chappel took over. That was a new beginning for Australian cricket. Ponting has to go before Sydney test. Sadly Ponting has disgraced himself.

It is quite normal for Ponting to react the way he did, Old habits die hard

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