Enthiran record breaking collection

Enthiran record breaking collection

With already making a huge impact in the indian film industry, the movie is not breaking records but its setting up a huge standards across the nation. The rajini craze mania has till date made a whopping collection of more than 300 crores which is highest ever for an indian film.

The film got a huge response in the first week of the release a treat for all movie fans across the world. According to the media and public reports the movie is still going very strong across the nation.

Buzz is there that on the 100th day mark there could be a big celeberations among fans and SUN network is planning for a never before event to embark the success of enthiran.

Enthiran could make a profit more than 500 Crore which is three times the cost of the production. With a film which has the fabulous technical brilliance like this, this is one movie that would surely be a super duper hit of all time.

“Kalanidhi Maran’s only goal was to produce India’s biggest movie, but it ultimately became Asia’s biggest movie,” said Hansraj Saxena, COO, Sun Pictures.

The film did make such huge collections  across the world not because of SUN network, not because of A.R Score, not because of the Technicians or the crew and not because of Shankar the fim’s creator. It was only one man – RajiniKanth. He pulls the crowd, regardless of the director or the crew or even the story. There is no one in Indian film industry who can create the magic that this man can do.

His fans love him not just for the things he does on screen but also for his humble personality in real life and what he does off screen.The flicks that he used to do with a cigarette (yes bad but really cool) and the way he put his sunglasses on (ultra cool) were nothing that were ever seen in Bollywood back in the days of growing up in the 80’s.

“He is no mere actor – he is a force of nature,” said Grady Hendrix, writing in the online magazine Slate. “If a tiger had sex with a tornado and then their tiger-nado baby got married to an earthquake, their offspring would be Rajinikanth.”

He is not just a superstar of Indian cinema, but GOD of Indian cinema whose movies are market blockbuster even before the release.

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