Today while going through news i was shocked to hear that around 50 lives lost because of the doctors strike. I was going through other news related services to know the fact on why are they protesting? These foolish doctors demanding action against senior police officials. My Question comes simple

Are they protesting against the police or the public? surely the public is getting affected.

Its a real shame in our country that people go for strike for reasons which can solved other way too. Our Congress government is busy fighting for some odd issues and common man is getting affected. I have some questions to these so called doctors.
  1. Can they ever strike against their colleges which take million of rupees in donation?
  2. Can they ever strike against high cost of hospitalization in India?
  3. Can they ever strike against doctors who have turned medicine into pure business and spoiling the name of doctors itself?.
We should put the families of all 1200 doctors in the ICU and then ask them to continue their strike. They are no better than murderers!