Who can become a Great leader – IT Environment

This article is a piece of information that i have learnt so far in my life also tried to achive and practice this when i was lead too in some of my previous organisation. Thought sharing this written information can help many to get into this path in future or change to this if they wish to follow or gain knowledge which can make our IT industry majuscule and also my Abdul Kalam sir’s dream 2020. I failed to achive many things in my life in IT industries, then i decided to get into a soul called rebel to bring change. I just work these days only to bring change.leaders wanted

A Great leader

A great leader is one who is true to his heart than his mind, who can make things work through heart in all environments and angle.

A great leader can handle resource which are not capable of even coding a single line and who does not quit at any wee.

A great leader is a great physiologist, one who can turn into anything depending upon the situation. If he is interacting with a child, he will think and play the coins according to that child minds than his mind. The greatest challenge is changing a person to what we require, there might be some good , bad and attitude programmers, a great leader is one who brings all these to square one.

A great leader is one who does not show his attitude towards his team, instead he focus and makes other also to focus on the programming language and show their attitude in the programming language.

Ex: If the language like Java does not allow you to program as you like, a great leader always asks their programmer to show their attitude in it such that making java itself flexible. This requires genious level of thinking to overcome Java strubborn in their pattern itself.

1. How are you going to hanle a project when the resource allocation is limited or low?

Start the project like a tortise by giving training to all and make the project end up like a rabit. Its something like when the resources are low, you need to make or bring your team members mind into Agile.

2. How are you going to handle when your team lacks basic programming knowledge itself?

The situation is complex, and you need to give them the confidence, encouragement at every level at the same wee handle your elite programmers to completer their task. A example is to teach him programming and appreciate them even if they have achived nothing. This can quickly turn them into elite ones.

3. How to handle if both of the above at same instance?

Become a singleton class. That is you should able to take up the 60 percent of project on your head along with other tasks too, and let your team create instances of your knowledge and implement them at lowest level. You should never change at any point of wee. In more simpler words a great leader can only finish out the project into success in such situation

A great leader should have a vision of Bagat singh following the path of Mahatma Gandhi

A great leader is a great human being respected by all ends. Mahatama Gandhi, Abdul Kalam sir [My college day’s professor] could suit my article though they were not from IT industry.

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