Change Change…. Is it possible?

Now the word might be very familiar tone for many as from the top level Obama to our local MNS leader Raj Tackery are shouting for change.  It does not die there itself, every common man in this society also expects change. Here my words are which i can say is also a spark.

Yesterday when i and Gaurav Peters were having food, we had some arguments as well as good debates on various things. A result of that is a article in my blog.

Today my article will jowl on Software Industry change as most of readers belong to this.

After being in the industry for some years, i have faced dead challenges with no scope of coming out of it but yet being successful.  I always wanted to work as i feel, but always bend like Obama who did to Japan Prime minister.

Change is not possible in a day or two, it needs a lot of sacrifice like self respect, hiding your identity, pay, work load everything and come up successful. This para above might confuse many, at the bottom line its simple success at your end of work and changing something which you felt it should be.

Its always impossible to change the government or management as the voices of many are always deaf. Instead of shouting, why don’t you change. Every person if changes in a company will make the whole company itself change. Hmmm… visually seeing its impossible, but practically nothing is impossible. Again this sentence might confuse many, but again it speaks.

Before anybody criticize, ask yourself this question, was there a better alternative? No plan is perfect, it’s easy to pick out faults, but harder to bring to table a better alternative. The stimulus may not work, but the alternative, i.e. not doing anything, will be disastrous. We are already seeing green shoots in the IT Industry and I ain’t too happy for personal reasons.

Yep, when the chess pieces change, the game changes. You can’t expect the game not to change, and keep referring back to when the pieces interacted differently with eachother, dragging that into today’s geopolitical landscape. It’s a fast paced geopolitical landscape out there, and noone is looking back

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