“Respect” Programmers

Sometimes back one of my amigo “Guarav Peters”  described my blog as a fire over various message and themes, and my other amigo called me “Rebel”. To contradict this statement, i would say that ” Most of the “Real” and “True” Programmers schmooze from heart than their Mind.


Today as usual sitting at my desk, i was wondering why do many programmers get less respect and sometimes pretty harsh and foolish comments like ” Do you know programming?” All blah blah…

Apparently if you can read some sloppy, malformed pseudo-code thrown together by an idiot marketroid with no knowledge of programming you must be a total loser.

Apparently all programmers have no lives, look like characters from Revenge of the Nerds and can barely function in the society without help of their cooler friends or co-workers.

We have real college degrees (BS, MS often a PHD) rather than the fake diplomas given out by business schools. Not only that, but we create and control the technology they depend on. We maintain their machines, and facilitate their communication. Without us, they would have no Facebook, no iPhone and no Youtube. And yet, somehow we are considered inferior and undesirable.

Seriously, who is more of a valuable member of society? Someone who develops innovative free software on their free time? Or someone who spends all their free time watching reality TV, can’t figure out how to set time on their VCR, owns a computer which is part of at least 3 different botnets? Apparently the former is a freak that needs to be shunned, while the later is an upstanding pillar of society.

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