Google “Don’t be Evil”

WASHINGTON (CNN) — Google said Tuesday the company and at least 20 others were victims of a “highly sophisticated and targeted attack” originating in China in mid-December, evidently to gain access to the e-mail accounts of Chinese human rights activists. Google isn’t all that big internationally but this is still a big move against the chinese government if it happens. Don’t use google

  • Lets suppose you have something which you don’t want anyone to know and may be you shouldn’t be doing it in the first place though. if you really need such kind of privacy then stop using Google. The reason is google does retain information for some time for their crap advertising programs and luring investors in it. We all are subject to our constitution and its law and may be its possible your information could be made available to the authorities.
  • Google has opened up its own, free, public DNS server. The sales pitch is that their DNS server is faster than your ISP’s, and therefore, you will save a ton of speed browsing the Web using their DNS server. Fair enough. But something occurred to me, just as I was about to change my DNS setup here to use it… do I trust Google to have a history of every DNS lookup I make? Umm… not really. I note that the service’s privacy policy says that my IP address will only be logged for 24 hours (makes sense, given the prevalence of dynamic IPs anyways). But it also says that the service is compliant with Google’s primary privacy policy. And we all know what that entails… “anything and everything”. And of course, Google is always free to change the policy without notice or warning.
  • Google has been trying to launch more and more “Free” services. These are targeted directly at collecting, tracking, and analyzing people online. Why? So they can sell
  • a) More ads or
  • b) Have the largest marketing database known to man which they can
  • c) Create more false free products and further collect data or
  • d) Sell that information to third party companies

Maybe they are leaving China because the government there decided to replace Google Ads with China government ads. Hey, why not. China controls the internet in their country (although I don’t agree) but if Google can replace someone elses ads in Street View – China can do it with Google.

Use Bing as your search engine provider.

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