aam admi – Stupid Common Man!!! – Congress View

When do the stupid common comes to picture? yea you are correct its only during elections. None of the political parties have any interest in the welfare of the aam admi or the common citizen of this country.


Its been the times of shame on how both centre and state governments are functioning. Two years back Tur dal was at 45-50. Now at Rs. 90. Rice which was at 20 Rs. is now 40 Rs. per kg. Sugar which was Rs. 17 now at Rs. 45-50. Other dals have doubled during the same period.

The way our governments are functioning is pathetic. States like Gujarat make voting compulsory. Then why should not elected representatives compulsorily perform or resign.

Why is there so much difference between whole sale and retail prices?In some cases retail price is 150% of whole sale price,so the price index is misleading.What steps Government proposes to rectify this?

When we can give lakhs of rupees to the sports persons, celebrities, and many more why not just spent few more for the irrigation. In this modern world we are actually lacking behind, as the agricultureis not working fine, if this goes on then we will have to import everything on a much higher prices that what we are paying in this period of inflation. I’ll say our backbone is agriculture, if this breaks we would have nothing.

State is doing nothing to control the prices across the necessities. I understand price rise to some extend is acceptable in a growing economy but rise 3 times in short span is unacceptable but this is reality of the country reason government has closed its eyes thinking everything is fine. When prices go up government smiles, builders laugh but common man cries.
PMO is worried about Basu’s health, Agri minister is worried about his ICC candidature, Finance minister is clueless. Is there anyone to worry about the mango man?

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