Recession in politics!!!

I have been a good history student in my school days, and i did learn  that divide and rule policy was of British and our politicians are still continuing the same policy for the sake of ulterior motives.  This is all because of Political unemployment. Its simple too many Politicians spoil the Country especially In India.

Dividing the states, we are just increasing the number of politicians and henceforth we itself are giving a greater chance for the growth of corruption. Dividing a state is never a solution, unless or other wise there lies a meaning which falls in the category for decentralization of powers.

I have a question to the Telangana leaders, if they are so much concerned about people… why even single one of them has not gone for a fast unto death for construction of dam… if so called the rivers are flowing through Telangana. Its all about money and Hyderabad is a golden egg for all these corrupt policians.

What’s the point in creating more Madhu Kodas? Congress wants to create small states & grip them very hard, sqeeze money like what happend in Goa. If polititians are interested in development small/large size of state does not matter. It is time for us to finally decide what is development?

This will hurt both Andhra Pradesh and India, because large cities are now important clusters of growth, and if a Mumbai or Delhi faces economic hardship, the whole nation will be impacted by the fallout.

The need of the hour is to accelerate growth and promote equity and opportunities. What every sub-region of Andhra Pradesh, indeed every part of India, needs is empowerment of people, district governments and third-tier of federalism to help people fulfil their potential.

What’s next? Divide my whole country into separate countries.

We have already fallen down in the year 1953 when andhra was created from madras presidency. british successfully administered different language speaking persons under single provice system. why the hell should language be the basis for formation of a state.

People of teleangana Arise! Awake! We are people of india not people of small states. I love My Country. Long Live India.

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