Everyone should speak programming language!

I have seen lately people fighting for pride of language like Marati, Tamil, Hindi… etc etc…. but i actually feel that the whole world is of programming language… and one should now only jowl programmatically.

Its easy to find fault in a design pattern or in any programming language but learning to work within the language is the mark of a programmer… programmers are ultimate as they design applications…. the rest just hang the curtains…

Programming is the work of many voices. Programmers transcribe natural language and other means of communication to a digital medium. This is complex evolutionary work. We do not choose the spatial elements we choose the tools that make the spatial elements of the data work based on cultural need (informatics).

Those who possess the knowledge to create software and databases with scripting languages have a certain power. Those who support the entire infrastructure of an economy, by setting up hardware and software platforms with passwords and 128 bit encryption, which hold all our data, have all the power.

Have you ever stopped to think of what would happen if all developers, of every computer language, suddenly refused to do the bidding of their uninformed supervisors? The modern world as we know it would grind to a sudden, catastrophic halt.

I would suggest from now to all to speak only in our language… that is programming language.

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