Yen Thaliavar oru great human being – Superstar RajiniKanth

I wanted to keep the title missed with tamil and english words, as our thaliavar while speeches always mix words… which shows that people who listen to that don’t care which language it is… they only care who speaks it and what its message delivered it. This small article is about my god… superstar rajinikanth.


Every Human being has the potential to become like Lord Krishna or Jesus Christ – This statement implies to our superstar RajiniKanth too.

Recently we had the kamal’s 50th day function and it was really a big and grand function for a great artist of indian cinema.  When the campaigner asked about the Superstar’s dialogue in sivaji where he would state that ” Kaliviti vanda summa kamal hasan mathri aariven”.

To this statement, kamal used say that ” Ulla entha color ne yennaka theriyum, antha color aagnum than ellarum kum aasai“.Athu than unmayana color, ethu ellam summa neruupa patta veengdum…

Ahimsa is the highest ideal. It is meant for the brave, never for the cowardly.

Cauvery fast, no one had the dare to stand couragesously what our thaliaver did. Many voted against his voice, but ultimately its superstar’s path every one followed. He proved the Mahatma’s statement in very calm way, and he made the whole india look after him and for what he is fighting for.

Evan Pessuvan Eppidi

This line from KamalHasan speaks so loud about our thaliavar. I was totally astonished the way he quoted kamalhasan, today we see in every industry each one trying to portray he is supreme while others are lesser than him. One needs a great heart to proud about others, when he himself his a greatest superstar. It takes sheer guts and honesty to admit Kamal was a better actor and is there anything kamal has left to do and can’t do.One has to have high level of guts to come out praise others and say that he is indeed the biggest star.  

Towards coming to an end, i would just like add few more words. The world has seen some great human beings, but Thailava its for you – Unnai pol oruvan… chance he ella…

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