Five Questions to Our leaders of World!

We all speak so loud on humanity, but the matter of fact is no one cares on human lives. Out there a best example is ethnic Tamils suffering on the hands of a brutal and cruel srilankan government. I have no idea on how come our India government supported the srilankan army in evading the LTTE. Here are my questions to our leaders and the World leaders!

Why is there no Tamil in the Srilankan Army? Can those aristocrats in Delhi, Washington, London, France care to answer or comment.

Millions of Tamils around the world have fled their home country Sri Lanka. Is it because, they wanted to tour the world?

What Chinese,Indians,Jews and Pakistanis gain by supplying arms and chemical weapons to the ruthless Sinhalese government in order to perform the genocide on poor Tamil children,woman and civilians ? Are those people guinea pigs for their weapon testing programme ?

Are they planning holocaust for Tamils like what Jews had in the past ?

Those millions worldwide demonstrated in support of LTTE, and described LTTE as their freedom fighters. Are all of them hardened terrorists, as the Srilankan President Rajapakse is claiming?

Tamils are living peacefully in more than 50 different countries including India. Nowhere in the world Tamils are under going a similar catastrophe as that faced in Sri Lanka. In India, Tamils have been elected to various positions including Presidents, Home minister, Health minister, Asst Defense minister and head of the army. Former presidents R. Venkatraman and Dr. Abdul Kalam are Tamils. Dr Abdul Kalam served India as president and principal scientific advisor. He was the backbone in the development of the Indian missile technology and the infamous Baharan Nuclear bomb test.

Funny right, India founded by peace lovers like Gandhi, Nehru blah blah, is supplying arms to SriLanka to kill our own race – Tamil! Jai Hind!

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