Rajini’s Word Misprinted!

Rajini’s Word Misprinted!

RajiniKanth when the word itself makes people so muchcrazy among the people. Its the superstar who has given a speech over he regrets over the comment he passed during the Hooginikal Issue. What was the intention and the real truth behind the words. Just my 2cents over my GOD’s words spoken….

Many people questined about the intergrity of thalaivar on the issue and stated it as double mind. But the truth is….

1. Thalaivar stated it clear that he stands firm on the issue, but takes back that particular word which he did not mention clearly. He did speak, because he felt he was wrong in delivering the word. Thats a gem of personality who accepts before the public.

2. Some actors spoke out very wrongly with some ryhmic sense, but before they pass any comment. Just take a look back at you and your damm political and cinema career. Its all rubbish. Huh… Funny guys.

3. Always its better to solve the problem rather than creating the problem into bigger sense. In public you can deliver punches and say i am so and so… are you people in real life the same? No one can even touch my feet of Thalaivar whose cinema and real life is a moral towards for entire people.

4. How many us here follow to be true Indians first. Many people work in US based in MNC , work in abroad. Where did their spirit go towards our nation.  I feel real pity for these people who speak so much for tamils , our nation etc etc but forget about themseleves. Do you know where your clothes you wear are manufactured? Huh grow up buddies before pointing your fingers across others.

Think about yourself before you speak about someone else, Our thalaivar have done many things for the people. Some barking dogs always bark a loud but tend to hide when we pick up stones.

Finally, I would compare my thalaivar speech to famous Dalai lama speech…

It is stated that through violence you can win the current situation, but not to the problem for which you are fighting out. We did not the protest for water not the have a rift with karnataka people. I don’t know when people will understand ” We all are Indians “.

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