Raghavendra Swami is a Tamilian; Babaji too is a Tamilian!

During the recent Hungerstrike by Kollywood on Hoganekkal issue, actor Sathyaraj indirectly threw some allegations on Superstar Rajinikanth.
We know that GOD is the supreme power and the ALMIGHTY is apart from linguistic barriers. But to make understand some truths to the maramandais, we have taken this weapon. Oh..God, please forgive us!!

1) Sathyaraj alleged Superstar to go for some Tamil god instead of Raghavendra Swami. For his info and others info:

Raghavendra Swami is a Tamilian
Raghavendra Swami is a pure Tamilian who born in Bhuvanagiri in Tamil Nadu and attained Sanyasa in Kumbakonam who later on obtained Jeevasamadhi in Manthralaya. Sathyaraj has really spoken non-sense without knowing the truth. I wonder how Sathyaraj who acted in Superstar’s Sri Raghavendra as Nawab Siddhi Masoodkhan, the role of a Nawab who donated land for Mantralaya temple.

2) Mahavatar Babaji is too a Tamilian
Rajini’s spiritual Guru Mahavatar Babaji too was born at Parangipettai in Cuddalore, Tamil Nadu. Later he went to Srilanka where he befriended Boghar – a famous Siddhar who made Palani Andavar’s main deity with herbs (Navabashanam). So, Mahavatar Babaji has close association with Srilankan Tamils too.

So, Superstar’s God and Guru are both pure Tamilians. Do Sathyaraj say not to worship Tamilians?

3) Sathyaraj, Change your name please!
Sathyraj has been insisting all along in his speech that why one should go for North, when you have so much in Tamil. The same i ask Mr.Sathyaraj. Your name itself is purely north. Why not change your name to ‘Meyyarasan’ a pure Tamil word

Pls correct yourself – and preach others Mr.Sathyaraj.

Finally to Sathyaraj: Mr.Sathyaraj we know that you have fallen prey to those Vaitherichal Parties and Rajas who provoked you too speak like that.

Unga paerla mattum thaan Sathiyam irukku. Aana enga Thalaivaroda vaazhkaiyae sathiyathala kattapattirukku.

 Article by Sundar of Rajinifans

2 thoughts on “Raghavendra Swami is a Tamilian; Babaji too is a Tamilian!”

  1. good one dude! but why say Tamil gods and all (am a tamilian fyi)… Godliness is beyond all of those. Anbe sivam! or Sivame Anbu! God as we see is not there, but Godliness is for sure omnipresent.

  2. Rajini has evolved so much in spirituality and Satya Raj is a very ignorant ordinary guy who does not know even the very simple fact that ‘God is only one’ and there is difference only in forms. Number one ‘Maramandai. Pity. It will take him may be lives to reach Rajini. At least let him befriend Rajini, so that he may get at least little of that wisdom.

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