Aussies statement after the loss to India.

I didnt expect this from Team India! They CHEATED Australia & won! Check below for more information. LOL

1. Shaun Tait, who was hyped to get 50 wickets in this match, was sent wicketless by the cruel Indians!!

2. Because of BCCI & Team India, Australia’s prolific match winners Steve Bucknor & Mark Benson could not play in this match. How cruel can Indians get!! Tch Tch! In this way Aus could play with only 11 players when they usually play with 13!

3. R.P.Singh who was only included as a bowler, blasted 30 runs without the Ausssies permission! Now that is very bad on the part of RP. Where are your manners, RP????

4. Ricky Ponting , who was happy that Harbhajan is not playing , was again cheated by Ishant Sharma, who got him twice!! Dont worry honest Ricky, we”ll try to get Ishant sharma dropped too, like Harbhajan!!!

5. And finally, no Indian player abused Andrew Symonds!!! This is inexcusable!! Poor guy lost his monkey tricks!! C’mon Indians, this is very unkind,uuaaa uaa aaa!!!!

6. The Perth pitch, that was meant to terrify Indians was cunningly used by Indian team to terrify Aussies!!! God, this is so unfair!!

7. An urgent team meeting is being held by Ricky & Co to decide what to do with the one day that is left in the match!! Indians have no manners!! Very bad guests, Indians are !! How can they beat the Australians in their home?? that too in 4 days?????

Dont worry Ricky, my friend . I have free advice for you!! ‘Bring Steve Bucknor back’ !!!

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