Nuclear deal! Other options.

Indian scientist community is working on Fast breeder program which uses thorium. Infact India is one of the few countries to have research in this area. Research in Fast breeder programs has not been happening in the US for the past 30 years.

My first question raised towards this was……..

Why India is not putting in efforts to develop a reactor based on thorium inspite of having 35% of worlds total thorium deposits n going in for a deal which is going to affect India’s nuclear freedom some way or the other?

A key component of the Indo-US nuclear agreement of July 18, 2005
is the following set of commitments by India:

(a) identification and separation of civilian and military nuclear facilities and programmes in a phased manner;

(b) filing a declaration of its civilians facilities to the
International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and placing voluntarily its civilian nuclear facilities under IAEA safeguards; and,

(c) signing and adhering to an ‘Additional Protocol’ (AP) for the civilian nuclear facilities.

India should not ignore IRAN,because of this pact preveously india had voted against iran which laid the new gas pipe line harmony in danger.gas pipeline will be very beneficial for india. But the issue is pretty complex. When considering Iran, India also needs to consider its close trading partner Israel. With the kind of statements coming from the current Iranian leadership against Israel, it is difficult for India to support Iran.

First the US deal, followed by China’s President’s recent statement that China will not be blocking India’s way in the NSG and now the Japanese stance.

All these amidst a nuclear test by North korea and the Nuclear standoff with Iran….. indicates India’s raising importance in International relations.

Lets see what happens…….. Cool.

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