Aussies are Cheaters!

Cricket is a gentleman game in olden days. Now the entire tale is different. The title of this article would much enough to describe the rest.

During an informal chat, some months ago, Shivnarine Chanderpaul made an interesting point: if the umpires don’t rule all the 50-50 decisions, or even some of the 40-60 ones, in Australia’s favour, most of the Test teams can beat them.

Judge This…

Case A: Andrew Symonds edges one to the wicketkeeper; the fielding side appeals vociferously; the umpire says not out.

TV replays show that the batsman had got a thick edge!

Case B: Andrew Symonds misses a ball down the leg-side; the wicketkeeper whips off the bails and appeals for a stumping to the leg umpire. Not out, says the umpire.

TV replays suggest that the batsman is out!

Under Steve Waugh the Australians devised a Spirit of Cricket document that they swear by. They insist they play the game “hard and fair” and are shocked whenever their outlook is challenged. After emotional days like this it is hard to sympathise with their complaints.

Aussies could never beat us without cheating. They played with 11 + 2 On field umpires + 1 Third umpire to defeat a team of 11 Indian Players.

You can have a one or two decisions in favor of any team, but the height of cheating is Ten wrong decisions which has entirely turned the match into favor of Aussies. I think they are the worst team in the world who cannot win a match through fair game play.

Clearly, Ricky Ponting’s men are poor winners. They have been stunned by India’s resilience and are unable to accept that for the second time their victory streak might be halted by the same team.

Aussies are not honest and they are cheaters.

4 thoughts on “Aussies are Cheaters!”

  1. very very true.. i really cudnt digest we lost the match. come on we deserved to win it.. and in a way we have won it

  2. Oh come on, you guys are pathetic. Who runs the game, the players or the umpires? Get a grip, and learn to be civilised losers.

  3. sledging should be banned by ICC and BCCI as it will not do anybody good. Its Aussies way of racism or showing their on field anger to intimidate oppositions.

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