Superstar’s Next – ROBOT? What do fans feel?

Every time there is a movie from the legend, there is a treat moving around fans. This time its a big surprise from the movie industry and the movie is set to be the biggest of all times.

The last time Rajini – Shankar – A.R Rahman teamed up was in Sivaji – THE BOSS which went to be the biggest block buster of all time. There is a news going around where the team would re unite for yet another movie titled ROBOT.

The fans from worldwide have been waiting for the word from the thalaivar which would rock yet another diwali in the country among fans. Before the final confirmation the thrill among the fans is……….

Lenin @ Chennai

Thalaiva, superb. I can’t believe… yenneka Heart attack vantherum polle errike.

Srinath @ Chennai

Sivaji was a great treat! Now ROBOT Hayoooooo, that would be something like hollywood. Next politics than.,,,,

Palani @ Maduari

My friend said this news to me, i was totally astonished to hear it. India’s only superstar.

Mouli @ Ranipet

I think this is going to set a new standards for the Indian Movie.

Concluding my words here……..

If our superstar comes out in any movie thats going to be block buster. With this team coming up again , i am expecting something which is un imaginable in my life. Hope for the best.

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